Anne Horstmann – Flutes

  • studied flute at Musikhochschule (academy of music) Dortmund. Final grade passed with distinction
  • has performed as specialist for contemporary music at many festivals in Europe (e.g. France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Odessa, the Ukraine, Bucharest, Perth (Australia) and New York
  • first performances of numerous works written for her. Her instruments comprise the whole flute family, piccolo flute, flute, alto and bass-flute. She also plays exotics as Chinese dizi-flutes, the Mauritanian bamboo-flute and the Romanian pan-flute
  • broadcast productions, life recordings, and other productions for Radio Bremen, NDR, WDR and Deutschlandfunk
  • guest appearance contracts at the theatres of Dortmund an ST. Gallen (Switzerland)
  • Anne Horstmann is a lecturer at the University of Dortmund, offers workshops and has been guest lecturer at the University of Bucharest, Hochschule für Künste (Academy of Arts) Bremen and the University of Oldenburg
  • has received the "Southwestfalian Theaterprize" for her interdisciplinary work with the performing and fine arts